Our Story

Datafiniti’s origins stem from the launch of its 80legs web crawling product. Designed to enable large-scale, on-demand web crawling, 80legs debuted in 2008.

At the time, our founder, Shion Deysarkar, was employee #1 at 80legs. During his three years of growing the 80legs business, he realized that many customers were asking for the same data, over and over again. An idea occurred – what if the entirety of web data could be packaged and distributed to companies instantly? And so Datafiniti was founded in 2011.

It was a big vision. Over the next few years, the Datafiniti team built a complete pipeline to transform information from the web and other sources into instantly usable data. Today Datafiniti continues the original mission, with expanded scope and purpose, helping companies gain instant access to valuable data on products, businesses, real estate, and more.