Datafiniti used its Business Data to analyze over 190,000 records and discover which cities and states across the nation have the most and least fast food restaurants per capita.

Ranking Cities With the Most and Least Fast Food Restaurants

We discover the top cities and states for fast food restaurants.

Datafiniti used its Product Data to analyze over 100,000 written product reviews with a star rating to assess three aspects of writing quality: length, spelling errors, and grammar usage.

The Grammar of Online Reviews

We analyze product reviews to assess writing quality.

Datafiniti used its Business Data to analyze 19,000 Mexican restaurants and their menu items to determine which parts of the country offer the most options for burrito and taco aficionados.

Tacos vs Burritos

We explore which cities love tacos more than burritos.

Datafiniti used its Product Data to analyze over 20,000 product listings across online retailers and determine the difference between men’s and women’s prices for popular shoe brands.

How Shoe Brands Change Prices Depending on Gender

Using product data to find differences in pricing for women and men's shoes.

Datafiniti used its Business Data to analyze over 3,500 pizzas to determine the number of restaurants and pizzerias serving pizza per 100,000 residents by state.

The Price of A Slice

We find out how much you can expect to pay for pizza across the country

Datafiniti analyzed data on 17,000 breweries and supplementary information from the Brewers Association to find out in where breweries and craft beer reign supreme.

Where is Craft Beer most Popular in America?

Our business database reveals the best cities and states for beer lovers.

Datafiniti used its Property Data to analyze a database of over 3 million listings for short-term rentals across the U.S. to get a view of the market during big event weeks like SXSW.

The SXSW Price Surge for Home Rentals

How Expensive is it to Rent a Home During SXSW?

Datafiniti used its Product Data to analyze 1,000,000 reviews for Amazon products and determine if the Echo devices are the company’s most successful consumer electronics product launches.

The Amazon Fire Stick Juggernaut

Seemingly overnight, Amazon branded electronics are everywhere.

Datafiniti used its Property Data to analyze over 16 million property records and prices from multiple websites to give you a complete view of the cities with the most and least vacation in prices for vacation rentals.

The Most and Least Expensive Cities for Vacation Rentals

Which cities offer low-cost options for the discriminating traveler?

Datafiniti used its Business Data to analyze a dataset of 18,000 vegan and vegetarian restaurants to find the best and worst cities for omnivores to eat their heart out.

Ranking the Most (and Least) Vegetarian-Friendly Cities

What data on 18,000 restaurants tells us about veggie and vegan-friendly cities.

Datafiniti used its Product Data to analyze over 20,000 online shoe listings to uncover the brand value and common pricing strategies of major shoe designer labels.

The Cost of a Designer Label

How much does it cost you when it says "Jimmy Choo" on your shoe?

Datafiniti used its Property Data to analyze1000s of hotel, short-term rental (STR), and vacation listings in Austin and determine if there is enough room for everyone visiting during SXSW.

Are There Enough Rooms For Everyone During SXSW?

We use short-term rental data to see if every SXSW visitor has a place to stay.

Datafiniti analyzed over 400,000 hotel reviews to learn which states have the best hotels and how their tourism budget factors into the feedback hotels receive.

A Comparison of Hotel Reviews by State

A deep dive into 400,000 hotel reviews and what they say about state tourism.

Datafiniti used its Business and Property Data to compare restaurant listings and their average meal menu price to 600,000 product listings to break down the cost of eating in and eating out.

Is it Cheaper to Eat Out or In

Do you actually save money when you cook at home? Let's see what the data says.

Datafiniti looked at 1000s of online listings for nutritional supplements to discover how vendors increase their supplement pricing for popular products.

Buyer Beware: Supplement Pricing

What’s a fair price to pay for nutritional supplements? Let the data tell you.

Datafiniti looked at 100s of online listings for player-sponsored basketball shoes to find out which NBA players’ shoe contracts generates the most revenue for their sponsors.

Just Sell It

Estimating Sales Volume of Signature Basketball Shoes