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Connect to a large, frequently-updated business database

Access more than 100 million business data listings with detailed data from hundreds of online directory and review websites. More than 10 million businesses are added or updated within the data set every week. Our database covers the key markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa that you need more information on.  Customers can also request to add niche websites to our database to meet specific business data needs.

Access data in real-time with our web portal or API

Our web portal lets you quickly download datasets for specific industries, locations, categories, and other criteria. Our API connects your application to real-time business data and seamlessly integrates with your code. Make on-demand queries as often as you’d like – you’re only limited to the number of individual businesses you retrieve.

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Customize searches to match specific needs

A rich yet intuitive query syntax lets you drill down to the exact business information you need. Search 30 different fields to filter data specific to your needs. View our Business Data Schema to learn about available fields.

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