Product Pricing

Pricing is the pulse of a business.

A comprehensive overview of the pricing of your products (or services) as well as your competitors’ give you a deeper understanding of the market, your customers and the insight to take appropriate action. Many of our clients regularly use this data for performing competitive analyses, consumer behavior analyses and sales acceleration strategies.

Datafiniti’s Saga Data Technology® is designed to capture all the latest prices of the specified products or categories that is publicly available on the web, and with HyperionDB®, we ensure that this web data is sanitized, normalized and ready to be integrated into your systems. All the web data about product pricing that your business will ever need is now available on demand. For every product at every price from everywhere updated every day.

While customers get the easy-to-use Datafiniti Aurora API®, you can use the search tool below to get a taste of the instant access to high quality web data on various product prices. Please contact us to request a demo.

Use the search tool below to see a limited preview of our pricing data. Contact us to request a demo and get full access.

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Using our Product Pricing Data

Businesses need to keep track & monitor product prices on the web for various reasons. Datafiniti includes all the product pricing attributes that is relevant to your business in a single database and makes it available almost instantly.

View Our Data Schema for Available Attributes

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base contains helpful walkthroughs and documentation to get you started using our data.
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How We Mine the Web

Our pricing data is updated daily through an extensive web scraping, data sanitation, and merging process.
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Datafiniti vs Web Scraping

Using Datafiniti is easier and more reliable than running your own web crawlers to scrape pricing data.
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Request Access

If you’d like access to our pricing data, or would like to learn more about Datafiniti, please contact us.

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