The Challenge

A marketing automation platform company offers a feature that provides users with the ability to gain more business intelligence on website visitors. With more data on these customers, their users can make better decisions on how to convert these visitors into customers.

Before approaching Datafiniti, the marketing automation company was already receiving data from multiple providers. Unfortunately, this data had several gaps when it came to information on SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). Not only did the existing data feeds not show every SMB listing, but they were also missing several possible data points about these companies. Examples of missing data points include news events, hours of operation, and more targeted category keywords. High-quality data was becoming increasingly difficult to acquire.

"Datafiniti is more cost-effective than other providers. When it comes to covering small businesses, the business list data is more comprehensive, and particularly, we’ve found records in the data that other providers don’t have."

Why Datafiniti

The marketing automation company decided to supplement their data feeds with Datafiniti for the following reasons:

  • Targeted categories, combined with NAICs codes, enhanced the company’s business taxonomy.
  • Complete coverage of small and medium-sized businesses, which are often overlooked by other providers.
  • Access to the Datafiniti Business API for easier integration with existing systems rather than using their own web scraping process.

The Datafiniti Advantage

The Datafiniti Business API allowed the marketing automation company to improve their coverage on small to medium-sized businesses. Not only did they see higher coverage of actual listings, but they also saw more attributes about these businesses. In the end, the company’s users were able to make better decisions about marketing automation thanks to extensive and high-quality business data on SMBs. 

Customer Stories

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