The Challenge

A location database company was in search of a strategy for collecting data from multiple sources to deliver brands’ sales teams with opportunities for product growth. Without the dedicated internal resources to tackle dynamic websites, they desired a stress-free and scalable framework.

Alternate providers produced results that lacked in both content and quality. The team required a solution that offered customers more choice in and control over the process of continuous crawling.

"Datafiniti is the solution I need for my organization. We’re in the business of actually doing something with data rather than collecting it all the time."

Why Datafiniti

On the hunt to find a web scraping solution, the team came across 80legs, Datafiniti’s self-service web crawler. Ultimately, in need of an out-of-the-box solution, they turned to Datafiniti’s Business Data. This offered access to a vast database of over 40 million businesses, including their menu prices, reviews, addresses, industry categories, and more.

Datafiniti’s Business Data solution enabled the team to focus on providing market insight to brands through:

  • High-touch customer service. Openness to suggestions by and discussions with their Customer Success Manager helped the team evade the difficulties of web crawling. Datafiniti’s implementation of customer feedback created added value to the partnership.

  • Comprehensive business data schema. Coverage of requested fields from different sources kept the team up-to-date on shifts in the market. Datafiniti’s commitment to data delivery made it easier for the team to manipulate the results for their database needs.

The Datafiniti Advantage

A location database company populated and maintained their location database with Datafiniti’s Business Data solution. In establishing a relationship with a trusted provider, they spent less time building their web scraping process and more time helping their customers. Through the generation of semi-structured data into a standard format, they could provide the information necessary to discover the perfect locations for their client brands to connect with potential buyers.

Customer Stories

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