The Challenge

To the Product Quality Engineering Team at the multinational consumer electronics company, customer feedback is vital to the development and improvement of top-of-the-line consumer products. The collection of product review data across multiple retail websites quickly became a daunting task for the team.

After exhausting in-house methods including copy, paste, and Excel formulas, they kick-started their search for an automated data extraction solution.

"We used to look at retail websites manually, which was difficult and not scalable. You guys have made things simple and easy for us."

Why Datafiniti

On the path to streamline operations, a simple Google search led the team to Datafiniti’s Product Review Data. This solution offers access to vast database of over 80-million products, including ratings and reviews left by consumers on e-commerce websites. During the research phase, they considered direct competitors but encountered alarming lapses in data integrity.

Upon working with Datafiniti, they found the following features dramatically improved their ability to monitor online reviews:

  • High-touch customer service. Rather than tapping into a portal, they had the opportunity to discuss product updates and inquiries in bi-weekly check-ins with their dedicated Customer Success Manager. Datafiniti’s customer-centric attitude set the foundation for a seamless experience and working relationship.

  • Automated data extraction. Access to data across nine sources gave them a window into their competitive landscape and online retail reviews. Datafiniti’s ability to cater to and deliver on source-specific requests unlocked previously untapped resources.

  • Right-time data delivery. After an extensive sanitization and validation process, they received reliable and ready-to-use data files. Datafiniti’s commitment to data quality expedited workflow with the confidence to candidly share, analyze and report on the results.

The Datafiniti Advantage

The multinational consumer electronics company leveraged the voice of their customers to gain a competitive advantage with Datafiniti’s Product Review Data solution. Through the implementation of an automated data extraction solution, they allocated more time to identifying trends rather than wrangling data. In utilizing otherwise inaccessible ratings and reviews on e-commerce websites, consumer feedback influenced the product development process, helped better market their brand and improved the customer experience.

Customer Stories

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