The Challenge

A marketing platform company aims to provide marketers with a seamless way to generate, manage, and nurture leads. For their outbound sales team, acquiring quality lead information proved to be a challenge. They needed not just to establish a relationship with any lengthy list of leads, but with the prospects that best aligned with their target audience.

“Let’s say we want to focus on reaching out to spas, auto body shops, or another vertical? Then, what are the options? We could go to a database, but a lot of their data was for large companies, public companies, and those were not the right ones for us.”

After the team consulted a few database providers and realized they offered inaccurate and incomplete lead intelligence, the team resolved to undertake the challenge using a combination of in-house and lead generation resources.

"One of the aspects that exceeded my expectations was the concierge service. My account manager would reach out and try to keep me engaged in giving queries with quality lead information back to me. The concierge plus the availability of the data was important. "

Why Datafiniti

To provide their outbound sales team with a targeted business list that excluded outdated or irrelevant lead information, they turned to Datafiniti’s Business Data. This solution offered access a vast database of over 37 million businesses, including their categories, descriptions, websites, and more.  During the research phase, they considered other data service providers but were unable to find one that offered as competitive of a price as Datafiniti’s.  

“We just realized we have to do it ourselves with the help of a company like yours. I knew at some point that your company was providing packaged data. We can get the cost per lead more effectively than if we had to pay some of the other services.”

Datafiniti’s Business Data Solution streamlined the team’s process of procuring prospects to expand their customer base with a refined list of companies through:

  • High-touch customer service. Proactive engagement with their Customer Success Manager improved the effectiveness of their queries. Datafiniti’s customer-centric attitude supported the team in further developing a high-potential prospect list.

  • Real-time API calls. Access to on-demand queries empowered the team to acquire desired data at their convenience. Datafiniti’s availability of data provided reassurance the team needed to build out their prospect list.

The Datafiniti Advantage

The marketing platform company tapped into profitable opportunities for their marketing automation platform with Datafiniti’s Business Data solution. In working with a reliable data provider, they reduced their lead sourcing costs and the time required to identify prospects. The connection to a concierge service and API empowered the team to turn their precise set of criteria into a defined target market of customers. Through on-demand access to requested information, the team established their optimal process for capturing lead intelligence and maximizing their team’s effort in pursuing new clientele, on their time.

Customer Stories

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