The Challenge

Nyansa, Inc., a network analytics startup, was eager to gain traction by filling their sales pipeline with qualified leads from healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. The business development team set out to generate targeted leads across 150 accounts with complete contact information.

Lapses in data quality from website scraping and restricted use of a B2B lead database cost the team upwards of a day to build a sparse prospect list.

"My jaw dropped. Within an hour, I was able to get seven times the amount of leads. You have to think; this is after I just spent 20 hours compiling a list of people."
Nyansa, Inc., an enterprise network analytics startup accelerates targeted lead generation and scales outbound sales processes with Datafiniti's People Data.

Why Datafiniti

A referral from a colleague and demonstration of Datafiniti’s User Portal capabilities led Nyansa to Datafiniti’s People Data. This product offered access to a vast database of over 4 million contacts and 100,000 businesses including their jobLevel, businessName, firstName, emails, and more.

Datafiniti’s People Data Product provided the team with actionable contact information to enhance their outbound lead generation strategy through:

  • Comprehensive people data schema. Coverage of 18 diverse fields of information for each contact record enabled the team to narrow their search and increase their volume of targeted leads. Datafiniti’s commitment to data quality created more time for the team to drive the top of the funnel.
  • Intuitive User Portal. Powerful portal capabilities for non-technical users allowed the team to quickly click, download, and implement a robust list of leads into their outbound strategy. Datafiniti’s ease of use streamlined the team’s targeted lead generation strategy.

The Datafiniti Advantage

Nyansa, Inc. filled their sales pipeline with targeted leads using Datafiniti’s People Data. In establishing a relationship with a trusted provider, the team expended less time on in-house resources and accelerated their lead generation strategy. Through the use of an intuitive interface, they alleviated the pain points of manual web scraping to scale their outbound sales process.

Customer Stories

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