The Challenge

An experiential marketing agency hoped to provide their client, a pizza company, with an overview of the industry to guide franchises in selling slices at the perfect prices. Individual locations face a significant challenge when they want to raise or lower menu prices: any diversion from the national pricing schedule must receive corporate approval. Prior to the agency’s work with Datafiniti, the company made approvals through educated guesses and anecdotal experiences.

In order to transition their client to a more data-driven decision process, the agency required information on specific pizza prices from each region. With a need for insight into competitive menu pricing strategies from top pizza companies such as Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut, they sought a solution that could eliminate the guesswork.

"We've been able to refine franchisees' sales strategies with regional and national data on our competitors."

Why Datafiniti

Datafiniti’s analysis, The Top Cities and States Across the U.S. for Pizzerias, led the team to our Business Data. This solution offers access to a vast database of over 40 million businesses, including menu item, name, postal code, and price.

Datafiniti’s Business Data supplied the team with regional menu prices and coverage of unique fields that was a cut above other providers.

  • Comprehensive Business Schema. Coverage of menu prices comprised of pepperoni, “the works,” and medium-size pizzas at the state and postal code level. Datafiniti’s variety of fields enabled the team’s analysts to fill in gaps and identify opportunities in existing markets.
  • High-touch Customer Service. Transparency about capabilities from their Customer Success Manager built and kept the team’s trust in the product. Datafiniti’s commitment to quality and a quick turnaround time allowed the team to prepare for promotional planning.

The Datafiniti Advantage

The experiential marketing agency supported their client, a pizza company, in ensuring the success of their franchises with Datafiniti’s Business Data solution. In establishing a relationship with a trusted provider, they were able to dedicate time to engaging with their franchisees and promoting profitability. Through the analysis of regional and state menu prices from local competitors, the team gained the perspective on trends to make data-driven decisions, craft promotions, and increase their customer base.

Customer Stories

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