The Challenge

Rank-X, a recommendations platform, wanted to simplify a user’s process of endorsing and sharing the best places to wine, dine, and explore in their favorite cities. The team sought a way to engage users by populating their platform with a catalog of local business listings from online directories and review sites.

Location APIs limited the team from collecting their desired data from publicly available sources while manual entry efforts built barriers to scaling-up the business.

"I like the freedom Datafiniti provides. They facilitate data; I can stay within the boundaries and do my own thing with it."

Why Datafiniti

A web search for Business APIs and comprehensive documentation for developers led Rank-X to Datafiniti’s Business Data. This solution offered access to a vast database of over 40 million businesses, including their category, name, city, and more. During the research phase, other competitors could only supply excel spreadsheets of data that would require the team to expend time and energy on writing code.

Datafiniti’s Business Data Solution packed the team’s recommendations platform with business listings to classify and build rankings through:

  • Comprehensive business data schema. Extensive coverage of fields provided the team with data consistency to increase the list of categories and cities on their recommendations platform. Datafiniti’s assistance with query formation utilizing available fields maximized the quality of business listings and results.
  • Intuitive RESTful API. Developer documentation created the structure to experiment with and test the impact of the solution. Datafiniti’s API allowed the team to quickly navigate the database and download business listings to expand their recommendations platform.

The Datafiniti Advantage

Rank-X grew their recommendations platform by supplying preferred places for users to discover and endorse with Datafiniti’s Business Data. In establishing a relationship with a trusted data provider, they focused on improving their product for user engagement rather than worrying about collecting desired data. Through interaction with an intuitive RESTful API, the team had an unparalleled opportunity to populate their product with business listings from diverse online directories and review sites.

Customer Stories

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