The Challenge

With the swift scan of a barcode and prior to purchasing, the Redify Team strives to alert consumers to harmful ingredients in baby products. The grueling 18-month hunt to uncover a consumer-reliable product database with all-inclusive product information had the team saying, oh baby!

“There was a company we worked with for awhile, they did have the attributes, but most of their database was very old. It took seven months of a costly sum to get the products to work but all for naught.

Following the end of a partnership with a provider and a stagnant attempt to build an in-house database, they sought an external solution.

"Put it this way; I sleep well at night. What you did for us in three months, other companies could not do in eighteen months."
Redify President, Victor Okoh.

Why Datafiniti

In desperation to find an API to meet their unique product data and customer service criteria, a quick Google keyword search led the team to Datafiniti’s Product Database. They found that this solution offers access to a vast database of over 80-million products, including their description, ingredients, manufacturer, merchant, and additional coverage of over 50 attributes. During the research phase, they considered various data service providers but were unable to find one that offered as complete a package as Datafiniti’s.

“Whenever I send an email to your team, you respond right away. We communicate on almost a daily basis to keep it moving along, that has been a big selling point not only for me but my team members.”

Datafiniti’s Product and Prices Data solution has allowed the Redify Team to expend resources to develop a robust application with wide-ranging product data coverage through:  

  • High-touch customer service. Timely and creative feedback from their dedicated Customer Success Manager cut their development time in half. Datafiniti’s customer-centric attitude and alternative approach have allowed to the team to tackle current and prepare for future hurdles proactively.

  • Comprehensive product data schema. Coverage of seven required attributes assisted them in displaying complete product data and suggestions for alternative products within the app. Datafiniti’s data quality provided a platform for gathering insights to anticipate the needs of baby product consumers.

  • Real-time API calls. Access to real-time data from on-demand queries eliminated the delay between collection and providing up-to-date product information to app users. Datafiniti’s API integration facilitate peace of mind for app use and scalability.

The Datafiniti Advantage

Redify embarked on turning an app idea into reality to serve the niche, baby product consumer market, with Datafiniti’s Product Database. In establishing a partnership with a trusted external provider, they shifted focus to user-driven development. The connection to a real-time API and comprehensive data coverage eased the burden of maintaining an in-house database. Through the prioritization of resources, they could, without diversion, commit to meeting the consumer demand for the simple search and discovery of safe and eco-friendly products.

Customer Stories

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