The Challenge

Trōv, a leading on-demand insurance technology company, was seeking to provide customers with an easy way of finding current, accurate, and reliable retail values for a variety of products. Trōv’s mobile app had to accommodate the constantly evolving market of phones, laptops, tablets, and more, to reflect fluctuations in value especially for older models as new models become available.

Traditional data providers could only supply disorganized results, limited to homeowners and renter’s insurance data, in a cumbersome web portal. Trōv required an API with a data feed that could be accessed directly from the application, allowing customers to locate and insure their possessions in real time.

"The more we dug into the data, the more confidence we felt that this would be sufficient for our use case. That took a huge chunk of work off our plate."
Trōv Data Operations Manager, Gina-Melfi.

Why Datafiniti

In search of a one-stop-shop provider for an extensive array of category and product data, the team turned to Datafiniti’s Product Data solution. This offered access to a vast database of over 80 million product records, including brand, model, price, features, and more. During the research phase, they considered other data providers but were unable to find one that rivaled Datafiniti’s capacity to meet their wide-ranging and unique needs.

“Traditional insurance providers use this type of product data only in the event of a claim when looking to replace the customer’s lost, stolen, or damaged possessions. Trōv is the only provider using real-time, in-market data to directly inform the quoted insurance premium and ensure customers pay for only what they need.”

Datafiniti’s Product Data equipped the team with a breadth of coverage and variety of site crawlers to eradicate the need to collate and merge disparate information from multiple sources.

  • Transparent customer service. Receptive and unimpeded conversations with their Customer Success Manager about processes provided helpful insight into the capabilities of the Product Data solution. Datafiniti’s customer-centric attitude set the foundation for cultivating a strategic partnership.

  • Real-time API calls. Instant queries produced real-time product information and updates within the Trōv app. Datafiniti’s instant access to frequently refreshed data allows Trōv users to purchase coverage for their valuables on-demand, entirely from their phone.

  • Comprehensive product data schema. From electronics to sporting goods to photography, the ability to collect data from a wide variety of retailer websites supported Trōv’s promise to allow customers to protect the things they love. Datafiniti’s data quality generated dependable pricing information for an expansive list of products across many categories.

“Moreso than any other data provider we researched, Datafiniti was very responsive and forthcoming with sharing valuable insights about their product data solution. That ultimately helped us make the decision.”

The Datafiniti Advantage

Trōv was able to expand their on-demand single-item insurance technology with Datafiniti’s Product Data solution. Working with an authentic and dedicated data provider, they can facilitate protection of a wide variety of items against loss, theft, and accidental damage. Through the continual addition of new, diverse retailer sources, the team can continue building their catalog of protectable items and further help their customers protect their most treasured possessions.

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