The Challenge

While VML felt comfortable building out the core application for a shopping website, they didn’t want to handle the creation of a data feed that would help power the application. Hill’s Pet Nutrition required that the application source data from multiple websites, including top e‐commerce retailers and online pet stores. The technical team at VML understood that this would require not only implementation of web crawlers, but also data merging, sanitization, and ongoing maintenance. With limited time and resources available for the project, VML felt it would make the most sense to source this data from a trusted third party.

"Being able to tap into the API gives us real‐time data without constantly knocking on our retailers’ doors. It has helped us be smarter and have a better grasp on our business in general."

Why Datafiniti

VML contacted several potential companies to help them, including a few web crawling firms. Ultimately, they chose Datafiniti for the following reasons:

  • Datafiniti was able to provide data from the websites needed to power their application
  • They could access product data through a single data feed
  • Data available from this feed used a consistent schema that they easily mapped to their database
  • Datafiniti provided daily updates on prices of targeted product listings

In addition to the product features provided by Datafiniti, VML also felt that Datafiniti’s technical support was outstanding, which was important when helping their technical team integrate the data feed into the shopping application.

“It is great for us because we can get and pull the data directly into our warehouse without having to go through retailers.”

The Datafiniti Advantage

By using the Datafiniti Product API, VML was able to quickly scale up their price comparison shopping site and provide a data‐ready solution to their client, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. By providing a single data feed from multiple sources, the team was able to integrate product information into their existing processes with efficiency. Thanks to high‐quality, comprehensive data on pet food pricing, pet owners everywhere can save money easily and quickly.

Customer Stories

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