Inbound Marketing Co.

A marketing automation company uses business data to ensure their users receive the best insight.

A foodservice and location database company helps brands gain market insight and connect with potential buyers with Datafinti’s Business Data.

Location Database Co.

A location database uses business data to helps brands gain market insight and connect with buyers.

An outbound sales team of a marketing platform company generates, manage, and nurture leads with Datafiniti’s Business Data.

Marketing Co.

A marketing platform uses business data to narrow their target market of potential prospects.

A pizza company makes data-driven decisions to support franchises in promoting profitability and selling slices at competitive menu prices with Datafiniti's Business Data.

National Pizza Co.

A national pizza company uses business data to help franchises promote profits and sell slices at competitive menu prices.


A recommendations platform motivates users to discover and endorse top-rated business listings in their area with Datafiniti’s Business Data.